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Written by Pastor Carl Gallups

Is Freemasonry a Religion?

OCT. 3, 2007 - Freemasonry declared a RELIGION by a California Court of Appeals! At the REQUEST of Masons! Click Here!

They claim NOT... I believe because of the obvious scrutiny that they would invite upon themselves by every religion of the world ... But here are the facts right out of Masonic material... you decide.

To even be considered for membership one has to attest to:

1. A belief in a supreme being.

2. A belief in an afterlife. (Both of these are documented in EVERY Masonic Monitor)

Every meeting is opened with Prayer.

Every meeting is closed with Prayer.

There is an abundant reading and quoting of Scripture (heavily edited - especially where the name of Jesus is omitted) in almost every single ritual and oath that is taken.

The whole purpose of the 3rd degree of the Blue Lodge is to repeat and reinact a ficticious understanding of the Biblical account of "Hiram Abiff" - the archetict that King Solomon used in the construction of the first Temple in Jerusalem. In this initiation...the candidate is "killed" and then "raised from the dead" where upon the symbol for the "secret name of God" is wispered in his ear. Now he is "in the light" and worthy to be called a "Master Mason.

The information in the next paragraph is documented - among many other places on - (A Masonic Website)

The Masonic Lambskin Apron the Mason is told is "above all other symbols, it is the distinguishing badge of Masonry." "It bears relationship to the Lodge as Baptism does to some Churches." "It represents the Purity of Life and Conduct" of a Mason. It is placed on every Mason at every Masonic funeral. The deceased is said to now be in the "Celestial Lodge Above" with the "Grand Archetict of the Universe" because he was a faithful and true Mason. On the underside of the flap of every Masonic Apron is a space to enter his "raised" date. That is the date he was "raised from the dead" in the "Hiram Abiff ritual."

They meet in a "temple." In every "temple" is an "altar" and the chiefest among them is called the "Worshipful Master." On the "altar" is a holy book of the culture the Lodge finds itself in (Bible, Koran, Hindu Vedas, etc.) The cheif symbolic purpose of the Lodge is to discover and hold as "secret" the "real name of GOD." Every oath and ritual is done in the name of and on the swearing in the name of "God" or in some degrees "Allah - the God of our Fathers."

How else would one define a "religion?" How much more "relgious" could the Lodge be?

Religious "professions of faith" are required to be made in order to join. Prayers, Scripture reading, Altars, Temples, Holy Books, The journey to "know God" and "his name" the Apron (THE symbol of innocence and baptism) and the conducting of special funeral services pronouncing that the Mason is in heaven because he was a Mason are all CENTRAL elements of the life of the Lodge.

I know the Lodge vehemently denies they are a religion. But not one fact that I presented here can be honestly disputed by ANY Mason. Every one of these elements are found within their own Lodges, Monitors, Oaths, Rituals and Literature.

So now that you know the truth...YOU DECIDE.

OCT. 3, 2007 - Freemasonry declared a RELIGION by a California Court of Appeals! At the REQUEST of Masons! Click Here!