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Dear Pastor Gallups, “Your articles on Freemasonry concern me. Have you ever been a Mason? Have you ever been in a Mason lodge? My father was a Mason and a believer in God. Do you mean to tell me that he was “lost” just because he was a Mason?” R.R. - Pace

Dear R.R., No, I have never been a Mason and no I have never been in a lodge for a Masonic meeting. However, I have immersed myself, for many years, in a very studious pursuit of the truth concerning the religious teachings of freemasonry. The ability for anyone to do this is absolutely undeniable in this "age of information”.

There is a plethora of verifiable information available for study. The information can be found on the internet, in the public library and in bookstores. Much information is made available by ex-masons, and ex- high ranking degree holders from the York Rite or Scottish Rite who have come out of masons, been “born again” and produced books, videos and even television documentaries on this subject. Their works do not contradict one another and they cite their own literature, creeds and oaths as sources of documentation.

I have spent over ten years preparing myself to speak intelligently and authoritatively on this subject. I have also, of course, immersed myself in the Word of God and its contextual interpretation. It is clear to anyone thus informed in both of these subjects that Freemasonry and true, “born again” Christianity are absolutely not compatible.

I have produced instructional tapes, booklets and pamphlets on this topic. I have conducted numerous seminars and classes on Freemasonry in various places both in Canada and in the United States. I have written several newspaper articles and have spoken to this subject before the North American Mission Board, Board of Directors of the Southern Baptist Convention. I have found, that I often know more about the religious teachings of Masonry than most common Masons.

R.R., I did not know your father. If he trusted in anything other than a personal, “born again” relationship with Jesus Christ for his salvation (i.e., the Masonic teachings) then he was lost.The Bible is very clear on this matter. The same holds true for you or anyone else who strives to “make it to heaven” in any other way than the blood of Jesus.