Dear Pastor Gallups, 

I have a friend who does not understand how the trinity works. Most

importantly, she does not understand how God's sacrifice of Jesus can be

as meaningful if they are the same being. I understand the Three in

One truth, but how do I give this meaning as she just accepted the

Trinity as three in one, and not just three beings?   T.E. - Crestview


Dear T.E., The doctrine of the Trinity can be a bit difficult for people to grasp.  After all, we are merely humans attempting to talk about The Infinite, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, One and Only and Omniscient Lord God in human terms.


We have to start with the fact that the Bible and God Himself affirms the understanding of the Trinity.    In Duet. Chapter 6:4, God declares that “the LORD your GOD is but ONE.”   The Hebrew word for LORD is Yahweh.  The Hebrew word for GOD is Elohim.  Yahweh is the name of the Lord God Almighty. 


Elohim is the generic Hebrew word for “God” …YET it means…”IN THE PLURAL    So, in other words, God himself tells us that He is PLURAL, yet at the same time remaining as ONLY ONE!   There is the doctrine of the Trinity from the mouth of God Himself!


The Bible clearly speaks of the Father as God, Jesus as God (John 1:1ff, etc.) and the Spirit as God. (II Corinthians 3:17-18 ).   So, as Christians we can ONLY say what the Lord Himself and His Holy Word say about Himself and take it as fact.    He says that He is plural, yet One.  He says specifically that He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I accept what He says. He is beyond our comprehension as we try to comprehend Him in the flesh.


Which brings us to the Miracle of Jesus!   God put on flesh so that we COULD comprehend Him, at least in human terms.   And…then…He, as God the Son…paid the price for our sins…HIMSELF!    What love, what grace, what mercy!    We will only fully comprehend all this when we are with Him and then, the Bible says we will worship Him forever because of it all!