Dear Pastor Gallups – “ Does patriotism and Christianity necessarily go together.  Isn’t there something wrong with a true Christian being patriotic to the point of ridiculous?” – H.Y. – Milton



Dear H.Y.,  


Please forgive my suspicion, but I suspect that you may be hinting at MY patriotic zealousness!   I say this because I am VERY patriotic and sometimes accused of the very thing that you are speaking of.  Regardless, thank you for the opportunity to set the truth in order on this very important topic.


Yes, as a matter of fact it is ALWAYS wrong to put your country or your patriotism ABOVE your relationship or allegiance to Jesus Christ.  Many Christian martyrs have gone on to glory refusing to do that very thing.  We must “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that God’s”.


On the other hand…I am so patriotic, because I am so thrilled and overwhelmed to be so blessed to live in one of the very few of a handful of countries on the entire planet that allows me to worship, serve and preach Jesus Christ without fear of death or any other kind of retribution. 


 I am patriotic because we are the ONLY nation founded on Biblical principles of Law, Morality and Goodwill to other nations. I am patriotic because we are the ONLY nation known as a “Christian” nation (imperfect as we are). 


I am patriotic, because my freedom in Jesus was purchased with HIS BLOOD on Calvary’s Cross and my freedom to express my love for Jesus for doing this was purchased with the BLOOD OF MEN AND WOMEN, fellow citizens of this great land, our sons and daughters…for ME!


I am patriotic because at this very hour, while I enjoy my freedom, young men and women are in harm’s way.   They are there so that I may stay free…and free to worship Jesus!    Yes…I am PATRIOTIC!  Praise Jesus!


There are many more reasons, too numerous to list here in my limited space…why I am patriotic.  However, I can tell you, I would cease to be “patriotic” if this nation and its government ever required me to denounce my faith in Jesus Christ or anything similar to it.   If it ever reached that point…then, as always, my first and only allegiance is to Jesus Christ.