Dear Pastor Gallups


Please explain to me what the Israel - Palestinian problem is all about – J.H.. - Milton



Dear J.H., If you will go to our website - and then on the main index page on the left column you will see a link to a detailed explanation of this very topic that I put together for our website visitors.


In recorded history, Israel is the only nation that has EVER occupied that land as a legitimate, recognized nation. There have been "tribes" and various "kingdoms" over recorded history, but never a NATION.  Israel had kings, a military, a thriving economy, trade with other nations, borders, a capitol city, and they were recognized by other nations as a real nation. 


In 70 AD - the Jews were scattered and the Romans leveled the temple and city walls of Jerusalem.  From 70 AD until 1948 AD there was no "Jewish nation or claims to the land in any ethnic or national way.  There was never another legitimate nation established there. The Roman Empire and the various forms of it throughout European history held the area. In the meantime there were Jews living throughout the area as well as Arabs (relatives of the Jews through Abraham).  The Romans first called this area Palestine and later the British, after WWI renamed it Palestine.  Palestine is the Latin term for land of the Philistines, the Jews’ most hated enemies.


In 1948 when Great Britain and the U.N. designated a Jewish portion of Palestine, the Jews claimed independence and reestablished Israel. The next day Israel was attacked by 6 Arab nations. The Arabs in the area fled.  Again in 1967 when Israel was attacked by Arab nations, the Arabs living in the area fled. Israel won both of these major wars.  The Arabs that fled claim to be "refugees" from the land and want Israel destroyed and they want the land for themselves.


The problem is that it NEVER was the ARAB'S land! The bottom line is this...The land is Israel's by heritage, Biblical command, British declaration, U.N. Declaration and by Israel's earning it by defeating every enemy that has tried to take it from her since 1948.  That is the Biblical, historical and political truth.