Dear Pastor Gallups –


“Should churches be involved in politics?   I don’t think that they should speak to issues and about politicians.  These matters are strictly secular and political in nature. I think that churches should just stick to preaching.  I am a Democrat and I think it is shameful that way so many Republicans are playing the “church and religion” card in the political structure of our nation.”   - P.R. - Milton



Dear P.R. –


YES.I think that churches should be involved in politics.  I think it is our responsibility and expected duty to be involved.  


Our founding fathers were very clear in expressing their belief that God and Country go together.  THEY NEVER preached a “separation of church and state” EXCEPT to insist that the Government NEVER interfere with matters of the church.  They fully expected that the church would impact and influence the Government through lawful, reasonable means.  


I think that Christians should educate themselves on political matters. I think that they should vote. I think that Pastors should speak from the pulpit…boldly, especially concerning ISSUES that become political talking points. – (Homosexuality, abortion, etc.)


A pastor does not have to openly “endorse” a specific candidate these days. All he has to do is speak to the issues and the choice of candidates becomes crystal clear.


I find your hypocrisy on this matter a bit overwhelming, though.  It was the Democrats who put candidates in churches and their pulpits on Sunday mornings during the worship hour all over the nation.  It was the Democrats who allowed their candidates to give political speeches and stump for votes from these same pulpits.   This was done many times by Kerry and Edwards. It was the Democrats that carried their bibles into these churches and attempted to quote scripture and invoke biblical principles upon their campaigns. Their mixing of church and politics was reported with great pride by the major news networks and political leaders, without condemnation.   Not only was this shameful, but blatantly illegal.


All of the polls confirm that many people voted in this election with the issues of morals, values and integrity at the top of the list. Like it or not…but the church certainly played a part in “influencing” this election…just like our founding fathers envisioned!


Thanks for writing P.R.