Dear Pastor Gallups,




"If Angels are perfect beings created to glorify God, having no freewill of

their own, how come some of them went bad before the creation of Earth and Man?" Didn't God know that man would rebel? Why is he angry at us for it, then?"  T.P. Milton


Dear T. P.,




The Bible makes it clear that angels DO have a free will. That is why there is NO SALVATION for angels that sin. They are not robots, puppets on a string or mere animals with instinct. They are created, living, thinking and decision making beings.


Jesus didn't die on the cross for angels, only man. This is because; the angels have been in the very presence of God himself and still sinned and rebelled!  They have been at His throne and seen him and fellowshipped with Him in His full Glory – and they, through their own freewill chose to reject His Lordship and try to seize it for their own under the leadership of Lucifer, or Satan.   Adam and Eve also fellowshipped with God personally, yet it was “in the garden”, here on earth within their realm of existence. 


Most of the angelic realm did NOT rebel and still, today, serve the Almighty God.  Some however, about 1/3 the Bible tells us, joined Satan's rebellion. 


Yes, God did know that man would rebel against Him. That is why Jesus is called in the Bible..."The Lamb that was slain BEFORE the foundation of the earth."   He created us anyway so that we might have the gift of life and then choose with our freewill whom we would serve, Him or Satan and ourselves. 


God is not angry with US!  He is angry at SIN and has made a way out for us, through the blood and sacrifice of His own Son, Jesus Christ!



I hope this helps you.