"I have never claimed that Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ"
"I do have doubts about his citizenship status."

June 19, 2010
Interview - By ppsimmons
Executive Editor
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Southern Baptist Pastor Carl Gallups has become quite famous for his viral videos posted on You Tube and now reposted all over the world and seen by many millions of people. His videos are wide ranging in subject matter, however, his most controversial videos center around the personage of President Barack Obama. Some of his films have been featured on World Net Daily, Rachael Maddow Show, Glenn Beck and, just to name a few.

"The videos that I have produced concerning the question 'Is Barack Obama the antichrist?' are first and foremost, 'novelty' pieces and 'political satire.' How so many people who claim to be so 'enlightened' could have missed that is beyond me. The same type of stuff was done with Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Saddam Hussein and Hitler," Gallups said.

Pastor Gallups says, "None of our films claim that Obama 'IS' the antichrist. In fact most of them have disclaimers of such clearly posted within the film or noted with You Tube annotations. I am certainly not the first to proffer such a provocative question. Many were asking this question long before I made the first video on it."

"I have been in the ministry for almost 30 years now. I have preached on 3 different continents and in 4 different nations to a total of multiplied tens of thousands of people. I have never proclaimed anyone by name to be the antichrist, neither in my preaching, teaching or in any of our videos," Pastor Gallups said.

Gallups went on to say, "The main reason we made these films is because there seems to be such a worldwide interest in the question. So, by producing these provocative videos - we have attracted people to other sites where some of our videos are posted, like the ppsimmons Christian You Tube site - where they might find clear, contextual biblical resources concerning salvation, evolution and creationism and atheism."

"It is amazing how many dozens of people, thus far, we have been able to lead to a saving faith in Jesus Christ through our bible-based videos, once they were first attracted to the site by our novelty pieces on Obama. It really is that simple," Gallups said. "I think it is the simplicity and the novelty of our approach that people are missing - I think it has caught them off guard."

When asked what the most surprising reaction to his videos was, Pastor Gallups responded, "Well, you expect some of the leftist media or the rabid Obama supporters to miss the satire or the novelty element. That certainly has happened. There have been hit pieces scattered all over the net calling me all kinds of ugly names. Again, that was to be expected."

"What has been the most surprising, and the most disappointing," Pastor Gallups said, "has been the occasional hit piece done by a supposed Christian 'author' or 'scholar.'"

Gallups says, "Number one, the fact that they clearly missed the satire or novelty part reveals a lot to me about the lack of depth of their spiritual perception. Secondly, the fact that they would openly attack me without first contacting me, all the while claiming to be a scholarly part of the Christian community, says a lot about their spiritual maturity. I suppose some of that was to be expected as well."

When asked whether or not he thinks that jealousy might play a roll in some of the attacks, Gallups responded, "Certainly, in some cases, that must be a factor. It is so much easier to gain notoriety if you really have none of your own by attacking someone who has some element of notoriety. But, I really do think that in most cases, it simply is a matter of some of the people missing the point and, again, the satirical nature of the videos. I am not whining about it, though. The vids have made us a worldwide sensation. I fully expected there to be some misunderstanding. By and large most people 'get it,' though."

Gallups noted, "It is ironic that one site that purposed to do a hit-piece on me calls itself ETHICSDAILY. - did not have the 'ethics' to contact me before posting an attack on my work. I have contacted them with an offer for an interview, but to no avail."

Gallups said, "Amazingly, I think Rachael Maddow, an outspoken leftist and Obama supporter 'got it' more than anyone else who reported on the videos. She noted within her report that it clearly 'had to be' satire. She got it, and biblical 'scholars' didn't. Funny, huh?"


When asked who he thinks the antichrist might really be, Gallups responded, "I think it is premature to identify anyone as the antichrist as spoken of specifically in Daniel and Revelation. We may see the rise of such a one within our lifetime or it may be another 100 years. I do believe we are living in Biblically prophetic times, though."

Pastor Gallups continued, "Ever since Israel came back to the land in 1948 the clock started ticking. It has only been a new nation for a little over 60 years - just less than a full generation of 70-80 years. And now, Russia, Iran and Turkey are forming never before seen alliances that have foreshadowings of the end-time fulfillment of Ezekiel 38. On top of this, the world seems to be spinning into an economic collapse and nations are in turmoil grappling with terrorism and nuclear proliferation that appears to many, to be out of control."

"The good news," Pastor Gallups says, "is that regardless of the signs around us, Jesus Christ is still Lord. He is still in control and he is still calling people to salvation. That is why we do what we do on You Tube and with the DVDS and the radio programs. We are trying to reach as many as possible with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Two indisputable signs that we are living in last-days times according to Pastor Gallups are the two prophecies that Jesus himself uttered as recorded in the Gospels; Matthew 24:14 (The Gospel would be preached unto all the nations-and then the end would come) and Luke 21:20 ff (When you see Jerusalem surrounded by the nations - preparing to attack - look up for your redemption draws nigh).

Pastor Gallups noted, "The Gospel is now being preached, literally to all the nations for the first time in history. We are the ONLY generation to see such a thing happen. And, daily, leaders of Muslim countries are calling for the immediate destruction of Israel and proudly announcing their plans for a soon and coming attack on Israel and Jerusalem." I don't know how it could be any clearer," Pastor Gallups said.


Pastor Gallups is also noted for his videos questioning the legitimacy of the Obama Presidency. Gallups says to that, "That is a whole different matter. My videos on the question of Obama's natural born citizenship status are NOT satire or novelty pieces. This is a legitimate concern of many millions of Americans and countless millions of people worldwide."

Gallups, who is also the host of FREEDOM FRIDAYS -live talk radio emanating from 1330 WEBY AM (25,000 watts) along the Gulf Coast and heard worldwide over the internet said, "I have interviewed former Presidential Candidate Alan Keyes and Executive News Editor of World Net Daily, Joe Kovacs, on this issue. I have also done live interviews with Dr. Orly Taitz and Attorney Mario Appuzzo, both attorneys known nationally for their efforts to uncover the mystery of Obama's citizenship status."

"Other radio talk show hosts have interviewed me, as well. This is still a big deal, and I make no disclaimer statements about our videos on this topic. The videos are factual, verifiable and hard- hitting, and they are making a difference as they have been viewed and are still being viewed by multiplied millions."

When asked if he thinks that Obama is not a "natural born citizen," Gallups responded, "I don't know. No one knows; that is just the point. We have a President sitting in the White House - who, even his supporters cannot prove who he is or the status of his citizenship because he has spent 1.7 million dollars locking down all of his identifying records. This is unprecedented and, I think, very telling and extremely disturbing. It seems highly possible that we may have an 'illegal' President occupying the Oval Office."

Pastor Gallups has produced quite an array of full-length documentary style DVD'S on very serious biblical topics including how to understand your bible, creation and evolution, proving the existence of God and several films on prophecy. These DVD'S also have been distributed worldwide and are proving to be extremely popular with the Christian community around the globe.

Pastor Gallups can be contacted for interviews for print media, radio and television through this number, 850-623-8959. (C.S.T.)

Pastor Gallups' church (Hickory Hammock Baptist Church, Milton, Florida) website is HERE.

Ppsimmons (YT) posts many of Pastor Gallups' videos on its site. Ppsimmons, himself, and his staff produce other vids. Ppsimmons chooses, thus far, to remain anonymous. He feels that it adds to the "allure" of his site. The ppsimmons site, to date, has had almost 22 million views of its videos with almost 21,000 subscribers. It has only been up since October of 2008. It is one of the most popular Christian sites on You Tube and winner of numerous "viewer awards."

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