The History of HHBC

The History of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church - Milton, Florida

Hickory Hammock Baptist church was founded in the early 1920's. Approximately eight people began gathering in homes for worship services, led by Brother C.L.Perry. Gradually their number increased and they decided to erect a church. W.P. Lunsford, Sr., donated the land and the members tore down an old Bagdad Florida school for the lumber, which they used for their building in 1924.

They had to float the lumber across the bay in boats because there was no bay bridge at that time. Because of the hammock of hickory trees running behind the building and because the community was known as the "Hickory Hammock Community", the church was given the name...HICKORY HAMMOCK BAPTIST CHURCH.

That first sanctuary served the small congregation until 1951, when worship services were begun in a second, larger building. The first building was converted into classrooms and used until 1963.

Prior to that and even after that, some Sunday School classes were held under the oak trees around the old building and in and around teacher's cars in the parking area. In 1963 the old building was torn down and classrooms were added to the newer building.

As the community and county grew the church required an even larger sanctuary and additional classroom space. The third sanctuary was completed and services were held in it in May of 1972.

In March of 1987, Hickory Hammock Baptist Church called Wm. Carl Gallups, Jr. to be its Pastor. He and his wife, Pam and their 9-year-old son, Brandon began a long and prosperous ministry at Hickory Hammock. The church facilities consisted of the 1972 Sanctuary, a two story metal frame Sunday School Building and an addition of a small fellowship hall. There were about 100 people in attendance in worship services when Bro. Carl came.

Today, 2005,(The time of this writing) Hickory Hammock Baptist Church has 5 buildings. The three previously mentioned ones as well as a new 700-seat sanctuary and large Preschool - Choir Suite facility. All of the buildings have undergone a major renovation throughout and completely modernized with the latest flooring, audio, visual and computer technology. Hickory Hammock has also purchased the 40 acres of land directly across the street and in front of the church.

The Church has a dedicated Youth Center with between 80-100 youth in attendance every Weds. Evening for their own worship service. The church is running between 500 and 600 in two morning worship services. People are driving from a three county area to attend Hickory Hammock Baptist Church.

In 2003, Hickory Hammock Baptist Church took its FIRST EVER foreign mission trip with 30 people from the church. They took a preaching team, medical team and children's ministry team to the Jack Goldfarb Christian School in Comas, Lima Peru. The church has taken several missions trips since and is thoroughly immersed in missions endeavors.

Hickory Hammock Baptist Church is now known and loved throughout the world as they have sent Brother Carl out to preach all over the United States and Canada, Peru and in Israel. For 10 years Bro. Carl represented Hickory Hammock and the Southern Baptist Convention as a national and international Youth evangelist.

Hickory Hammock Baptist church is known and loved in Santa Rosa County as well as it has been heavily involved in community missions, ministry, youth outreach and hurricane relief efforts. Little Hickory Hammock Baptist Church had humble, prayerful beginnings. Today it is a thriving, growing, Spirit filled, and mission minded Church where Jesus and the Word of God are exalted from the pew to the WORLD!

Knownn History of Various Pastor's Service at Hickory Hammock Baptist Church

1920's - Pastor C.L. Perry

1942 - Pastor Earl Merritt

1943-45 - Pastor C.L. Perry

1945-1947 - Pastor John Smith

1948-1950 - Pastor David Strickland

1951-1952- Pastor W.F. Howell

1952 - Pastor Joe Seacrest

1952-1953 - Pastor Earl Merritt

1962 - 1967 - Pastor Lewis D. Hughen

1967 - Pastor Jerry Gibson

1967 - 1969 - Pastor Dixon Free

1970 - 1972 - Pastor Ronald Davis

1973 - 1986 - Pastor Clifton Black

1987 - Present - Pastor William Carl Gallups, Jr.

With: Sr.Associate Pastor - Greg Robards

Associate Pastor - Jim Rinehart

Associate Pastor - Ray Harper

Associate Pastor - Jack Goldfarb (deceased)