Is Florida Governor, Charlie Crist a Homosexual?

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Note from Pastor Gallups - It really does not matter to me at a personal- citizen of the United States- level, whether one engages in a private homosexual lifestyle or not. What one does in the privacy of their own bedroom is no concern of mine, nor should it be the concern of the Government.

However, every person will be accountable to the Lord for their life - and the Bible is clear that a practicing, unrepentant homosexual WILL NOT enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So then, even though their private sexual lifestyle and practices truly are between them and the Lord, at the CHRISTIAN LEVEL, being aware of and sensitive to ANY form of unrepentant lifestyle that would keep someone from salvation through Jesus Christ...of course then, it matters to me very much.

At a societal is the RADICAL homosexual agenda that concerns me deeply and concerns me the most. The agenda that seeks to make homosexuality an "alternative" lifestyle, complete with child adoption, marriage rights, insurance and other legal protections and a "special" class of laws of "protection." Of course there is also the matter of "political correctness" and "sensitivity training," especially as it is administered through our government (public) school system. It concerns me deeply, when small children are indoctrinated into the belief that a godless, hedonistic and dangerous lifestyle is a viable "alternative."

Believe it or not, the fact that our Governor, Charlie Crist, MAY BE homosexual does not bother me near as much as the fact that he denied this charge before and during his campaign. Apparently he still denies it now, when the preponderance of information SEEMS to indicate otherwise. If, in fact, it turns out to be that he is indeed homosexual, then it would be his blatant dishonesty about the subject that deeply concerns me.

Of course, had I been absolutely certain that he was a practicing, unrepentant homosexual when he was running for Governor, I would have publicly expressed my deep concerns about his possible election to the highest office in Florida and urged Christians not to vote for such a candidate. If it turns out that he was dishonest about his sexual orientation and that he is indeed a homosexual, then it would not be surprising to understand why he would have found it necessary to lie about his lifestyle. He would indeed, have been afraid that Pastors and Christians such as I would not have voted for him and would, in fact, have spoken out against him.

But now Charlie Crist IS THE GOVERNOR. Is he a homosexual? Enough information has surfaced to make it highly likely that he may be. If he is not, he certainly, in my opinion, does not do much to repudiate the accusation once and for all. Certainly, if I were charged with such a claim, I would repudiate it vehemently and provide all manner of evidence to back the truth. Governor Crist has not done this, or anything close to it, to my knowledge.

For example, when I first heard the rumored possibilities that our newly elected Governor may be a homosexual, I had a personal conversation with a high ranking official in the Governor's Office whom I have known for over 35 years. This person, in defense of the Governor said, "that is none of your business, his personal sex life should be private." Well, yes...except that he IS THE GOVERNOR and if his sex life is homosexual in raises all kinds of policy, health and morality issues...because he is now the Governor, it IS MY BUSINESS! And...If he was NOT A HOMOSEXUAL - why not just simply say, "no, he is not, that is simply a vicious rumor." There simply is not a vehement repudiation of this claim coming from the Governor's Office...when by all rights, there SHOULD BE, if he indeed is not a homosexual.

Why does this matter now, you might ask? Apparently Charlie Crist has other political ambitions that may indeed, one day land him in or near the White House. Florida and national voters - and especially Christian voters need to know what the possibilities are.

Some might ask, "Why would a church website post an article such as this?" The answer is simple...first, this is a moral, biblical issue that all Christians should be informed about. Secondly, Christians are voters and citizens too. They need all the information possible at hand when making informed, Biblical decisions about their elected officials.

Of course, it is my sincere desire that we ultimately find out that Governor Crist is not a homosexual. If he is not - then I would be among the first to defend him from what would then be termed "vicious attacks." In the meantime...we must consider the information at hand. Take a look at the following articles and facts and then YOU DECIDE.

Listen to the Sworn Testimony (AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE) of Dee Dee Hall, a staffer to Katherine Harris who claims to have had converstations with convicted felon, Bruce Carlton Jordan about his "love life" with Charlie Crist.

NEW!!! From Broward Palm Beach News - ONLINE
Article Title - The Talk of the GREEN IGUANA
Synopsis - Interview with a Gay Bar owner about Charlie Crist's frequenting of the bar before he ran for governor and how widely known it was that Charlie was a "flamer" gay. READ THIS WHOLE 3 page is a chronicle of the whole Charlie Crist debacle...This one article should convince you one way or another as to Gov. Crist's sexuality...It is AMAZING the number of convicted FELONS that he is CLOSE friends with!

Article Title - Police Suspect Former DCF Spokesman Had Other Victims
Synopsis - Child pornographer and homosexual Al Zimmerman - recently arrested - has direct ties to Charlie Crist and used Governor Crist's name and reference to secure a job with the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Article Title - Charlie Crist Is NOT Gay
Synopsis - An article in which Charlie Crist, flatly denies being gay - during his campaign for Governor. A synopsis of his past marraige and sexual accusations.

Article Title - What Floridians should know about Charlie Crist
Synopsis - "In mid-September, 2006, millionaire Reform Party gubenatorial candidate Max Linn . . . insist(ed) that Charlie Crist is gay" . . . on Orlando radio station WFLA-AM 540 . . . to talk show host Bud Hedlinger. . . . Linn said he would 'put my hand on a stack of Bibles' to say Crist is gay. His sexual preference is not to women. . . . ' (See Gadfly in governor's race may have a sharp stinger. From a St. Petersburg Times article.)"

"As to Crist's being gay, Linn claimed to know this because he and Crist were in the same 1985 class of Leadership St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce program. 'We discussed it,' Linn said. Linn . . . said if Crist were to win, he would be subject to extortion and blackmail. In the next breath, Linn said he would avoid mudslinging but that Crist's personal life is a special case because it's about integrity."

"WMR has also learned that Crist's fraternity brother at Florida State was Brent Sembler, son of major Bush and Crist financial backer Mel Sembler. Sembler, who served as George W. Bush's ambassador to Italy and Daddy Bush's ambassador to Australia, was the brains behind the founding of SEED, Straight, Inc. and the Drug Free American Foundation (DFAF). Straight and SEED have been accused of abusing teens undergoing drug rehabilitation, including subjecting teens to brainwashing techniques. And what doctor served on the advisory board of SEED and approved of such techniques that subjected underage teens to brainwashing? None other than Dr. Charlie Crist, Sr., the father of the man who seeks to replace Jeb Bush and Governor of Florida. And why has Bernie McCabe, the State Attorney for Pinellas County, never brought charges against SEED, Straight, and DFAF for child abuse? It might have something to do with the fact that McCabe is a campaign contributor to Charlie Crist."

From the DAILY news site
Article Title - FL-GOV: Crist Outed Further, Longtime Lover a Criminal
Synopsis - "A young rising star in the Republican Party has boasted to witnesses of his sexual relationship with Charlie Crist, the frontrunner in the Florida governor's race who has repeatedly denied that he is gay. The GOP staffer, 21-year-old Jason Wetherington, told friends at separate social functions in August that he had sex with Crist, according to two credible and independent sources who heard Wetherington make the claim first-hand.

Wetherington, who recently worked as a field director for U.S. Senate candidate Katherine Harris and currently works for state representative Ellyn Bodganoff's reelection campaign, also named a man whom he said is Crist's long-term partner, a convicted thief named Bruce Carlton Jordan who also recently worked for Harris in her long-shot Senate bid."

From PROUD OF WHO WE ARE - Florida Homosexual Political news and blog site
Article Title - Letter Urging Fla. Gov. Charlie Crist to be HONEST about His Sexuality
Synopsis - "After the sworn testimony of Dee Dee Hall (LISTEN BELOW) - and further research - by this Fla. Chapter of the Homosexual Political Action Committee - Proud of Who We Are - Governor Charlie Crist is urged to "come out of the closet" by Florida Homosexuals.

From The FLORIDA BAPTIST WITNESS - online newspaper article - interview
Article Title - INTERVIEW -Why do you want to be the Governor of Florida?
Synopsis - A telling and tough interview conducted by the WITNESS. Questions are asked of Crist about abortion, homosexual adoption, morality, his personal relationship with Jesus, etc. If Governor Crist is indeed a homosexual, then many of his answers were disingenuous and downright dishonest.
WITNESS: Why should Florida Baptists care about this election?
CHARLIE CRIST: Because it's important to the future of Florida. It's important to their children. And they need to have a good, moral leader as the next governor of this state. And that's why I hope they vote for Charlie Crist.

Article Title - Crist Denies Trysts II
Synopsis - "Videotaped sworn statement has surfaced that bolsters the contention that Florida Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist had a recent romantic relationship with a convicted felon and former travel aide to U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris, Bruce Carlton Jordan."

Listen to the Sworn Testimony HERE (11 minutes long)

This testimony is from Dee Dee Hall, a staffer to Katherine Harris who claims to have had converstations with convicted felon, Bruce Carlton Jordan about his "love life" with Charlie Crist.